Our Pothole Repair around Jacksonville, FL, Alleviates Safety Concerns

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Expedient Pothole Repair

Potholes not fixed early on increase the possibility of growing in size, damaging bordering pavement, and producing avoidable safety hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. Our pothole repair company in Jacksonville, FL, works fast to make them disappear and restore the evenness of roadways or parking lots. Contacting Absolute Land Clearing after you first notice a pothole forming saves you costly repairs down the road, as well as extends the life of these hard surfaces.

Repair Work the Right Way

Our proficient team performs every pothole repair job across Jacksonville with the highest level of professionalism. Prepping the void affects how long the finished product will last, which is why we always clear out any large debris and loose materials before adding in the hot or cold mix. Compaction is another pivotal component for great results. Tighter, firmer compaction means a better fix. Whether you request a temporary surface patch or permanent full-depth patch, Absolute Land Clearing is all set to cover your pothole repair needs.

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