Establishing Level Commercial Building Pads in Jacksonville, FL

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Raising the Standards of Commercial Building Pads

No matter how sturdy and strong the foundation of a building is made, the ground below it needs meticulous preparation to inhibit potential upheavals over time. If any earthwork step is not completed right, this could eventually bring about steep damages. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, Absolute Land Clearing skillfully constructs commercial building pads to form a stable, level base for new structures in Jacksonville, FL. Let our professional excavators start your construction project on solid footing.

Going Beyond Repositioning Dirt

A crucial element in properly developing commercial building pads is knowing how to work with the soil composition in that particular area. Before digging begins, we will identify the type of soil present and prepare the land accordingly, decreasing the likelihood of shifting or settling. We also unearth every piece of organic material, including roots, stumps, twigs, and flora, to prevent voids or gaps initiated by decomposition and preserve structural integrity.

Essential Drainage Support

During those rainy days in Jacksonville, you do not want to worry about water collecting beneath the foundation or around it. Commercial building pads created by Absolute Land Clearing are sized, sloped, and graded for water flow away from your building. In addition, tapering topsoil on all sides helps channel water where it should go. These design plans thwart erosion and keep structures standing tall.

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